Ashley Logan Wellness offers comprehensive coaching programs designed to empower you to create a healthy, balanced, aligned life that allows you to show up each day looking and feeling your best. Each program is designed to bring your mind, body and soul in balance for better health and optimal wellness

A 6 month 1:1 coaching journey to reclaim your health by balancing mind, body + soul for optimal wellness

6 Month program

A customized 4-week plan with weekly 1:1 coaching calls to fast track your most pressing health and wellness goals.

4 week program

A self-guided program designed to bring mind, body and soul in balance for optimal wellness.


Weekly Coaching Circle

An open space for women to join together to share their experience as it relates to their health.

Community CHeck ins

Reclaim Signature Program

Renew Your Health Plan

Reset Your Wellness

Which program is right for me?

Reclaim Your Health

Ideal for the busy, stressed out female entrepreneur or business executive who is ready to create big change in her life.

All in to invest in her health and wellness with a personalized, luxe, high-touch coaching experience.

6 month program

1:1 coaching with a total of 18 calls over 6 months.

Customized action steps and health plan to Reclaim Your Health.

Renew Your Health

Ideal for the very-scheduled woman who is ready to make a specific shift in her health and wellness.

For those who want a customized program but can’t commit to a 6-month program.

4-week program

4-week customized program with 4 calls total.

Reset Your Health

Ideal for the action-oriented, self-starter who is ready for a self-guided, clear, evergreen plan to up-level her health and wellness on her own time.

self-guided program

4-week, self-guided, self-paced program, 120-plus pages!

Coaching Circle

Ideal for the wellness seeker who wants to connect with other like-minded women in a supportive coaching environment


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