Ashley Logan Wellness offers comprehensive coaching programs designed to guide professional women to create actionable strategies and practices that support their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
If you transform your health; you transform your life. whole life balance 

LEarn more about Integrative health Coaching →  

LEarn more about Integrative health Coaching →  

LEarn more about Integrative health Coaching →  

A 6 month 1:1 coaching journey to reclaim your health by balancing mind, body and soul for optimal wellness

6 Month program

A customized 3 month program with (6) 1:1 virtual coaching sessions to fast track your most pressing wellness goals.

3 Month program

A self-guided program designed to bring mind, body and soul in balance for optimal wellness.


ALW Group Program

A 6-week group coaching experience designed to transform your life by creating whole life balance. 

Group Program

Reclaim Signature Program

Renew Program

Reset Your Wellness

Which program is right for me?

Reclaim Your Health

Ideal for the busy, stressed out woman who is ready to create big change in her life by finally prioritizing her SELF.

All in to invest in her health and wellness with a personalized, luxe, high-touch coaching experience.

6 month program

1:1 coaching with a total of 12 calls over 6 months.

Customized action steps and health plan to Reclaim Your Health.

Renew Program

Ideal for the very-scheduled woman who is ready to make a specific shift in her health and wellness.

For those who want a customized program but can’t commit to a 6-month program.

3 month program

3 month customized program with (6) virtual coaching sessions in total.

Reset Your Health

Ideal for the action-oriented, self-starter who is ready for a self-guided, clear, evergreen plan to up-level her health and wellness on her own time.

self-guided program

4-week, self-guided, self-paced program, 120-plus pages!

Group Program

Ideal for the wellness seeker who wants to connect with other like-minded women in a supportive coaching environment.


Consider it a Mastermind for your health and wellness.

Includes daily support, weekly check-ins (6 group calls), actionable strategies, best practices, evergreen content and a fun time! 
* limited to 12 spots

Virtual Coaching Session

Do you want to work with me but not ready to sign up for a program?  No problem! Book a 50 minute coaching session with me below.
Let's get started! 

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