6 month program

Signature Program

The Reclaim Signature Program is a 6 month journey to reclaim your health by balancing mind, body and soul for optimal wellness. It is a 1:1 coaching program customized to your specific needs, goals and lifestyle circumstances.

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You deserve to feel your best while you enjoy your success!

Together we will create long-term solutions over the next 6-months in my Signature Reclaim Program, so you create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that supports every aspect of your wellness. You will have the tools and skill set to apply to your life, so you look, feel and show up as your best.

In this program, you will receive the support to:

Confidently structure your schedule to manage priorities and accomplish tasks at hand.

Wake up every morning feeling vibrant and ready to own your day.

Prioritize your health so you can show up as the best version of yourself every day.

Cultivate long-term habits that support the way you want to look and feel each day.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated.

Do you feel overwhelmed with the “busy-ness” of life and your health has suffered as a result?

Do you experience anxiety and stress making even simple tasks feel overwhelming?

Do you suffer from lack of sleep resulting in mental fog and low energy?

Have you tried multiple diets with no measurable weight loss, or results?

Are you ready to Reclaim your health?

Get ready to feel energized, sleep better, eat a more plant-based Mediterranean diet, be fit, cultivate habits that support a healthy lifestyle, master the tools to manage stress, set boundaries around your health, morning and evening routines, meditation practice, added support and accountability, a clear plan for success.

 This program is not for you if you have a chronic disease or are looking for a quick fix.

Client Love

Client Love

Working with Ashley has changed my life for the better. She created a program just for me that took into account my hectic life as a working mom with young kids. She gave me daily action steps that I could easily fit into my busy day. Her genuine care and knowledge really made me feel well-supported. I have more energy for my family and more focus and productivity at work. I highly recommend working with Ashley!

Emily, Marketing Manager

"I have more energy for my family and more focus and productivity at work. "

When I started working with Ashley I felt so overwhelmed with my work schedule, and was on the verge of burn out. I just didn’t see how I could add in working out and eating healthy on top of all my other commitments. Ashley really understood my struggles and what I needed help with in my crazy busy life. I love her genuine, approachable 1 on 1 coaching style. And, she was always available to answer my questions. If you want to feel the best you’ve felt in years, give her a call. You won’t regret it!

Grace, Attorney

 "If you want to feel the best you’ve felt in years, give her a call. You won’t regret it!"

“I have had the honor of working with Ashley for several months now and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her! She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the health and well being of high performing females. Ashley is always there to remind me to breathe and focus on self-care, which can be difficult as a mother of twins and business owner. Ashley's programs will transform you into the women you are longing to be! She's so much more than a coach!”

Jessica, Business Coach

"She will transform you into the women you are longing to be! So much more than a coach!”


Stress-management resources to support your hectic lifestyle

Practices to balance, ground and create the life of your dreams


A recommended Mediterranean inspired diet plan and holistic exercise routine


Mindfulness practices

Tools to create a growth mindset


Tips to prioritize connection and cultivate healthy, reciprocal relationships


 Align purpose, passion and profession to maximize your profits

Exercises to access and up-level financial wellness


 Align purpose, passion and profession to maximize your profits

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What to expect in the Reclaim Program


Get ready to replace the “busy-ness” of life with a clear, actionable plan so you start feeling your best each day.

The Reclaim Program will give you sustainable long-term solutions that will support a sense of empowerment and purpose in your life. Your health and well-being will be supported by a positive mindset shift, healthy habits, consistent self-care practices, and a solid foundation to sustain lasting success. You will have more energy, mental clarity, optimal weight, improved health metrics (to be confirmed by your primary care physician), tools to manage stress, am/pm self-care practices, improved sleep, better balance, supportive relationships, and an aligned life.

Are you ready?

6-month customized plan with weekly modules centered around bringing mind, body and soul in balance for optimal health.

(6) S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timely) goals in the areas where you want to see the biggest transformation.

(2) 50-minute coaching calls each month (12 coaching calls in total) for 6 months.

Access to the private client portal for 6-months which contains resources, articles, exercises and more.

Who is the Reclaim Program best for? 

The Reclaim Program is best for the busy, stressed out female entrepreneur or business executive who is ready to create big change in her life. She is finally ready to invest in her health and wellness with a personalized, luxe, high-touch coaching experience. 

She is ready to prioritize herself but feels so overwhelmed she doesn’t know where to start. She wants to experience transformation in many areas of her life and to RECLAIM her health, wellness and life.

She needs a comprehensive, customized plan, weekly coaching sessions and accountability, a guide by her side to help her realize her biggest, grandest goals, a point person for her health and wellness, a place to be seen, heard and understood, a coach to keep her focused and on track towards achieving her goals

She wants to create new, healthier habits. She wants more time for herself and her interests. She wants more energy for her family, friends, and business. She wants to cultivate a growth mindset, to feel strong, confident and radiant in her body. She wants to have healthier relationships, live a life of purpose,  and to cultivate financial wellness.


A new module will be emailed to you on a weekly basis. You will have a week to work through its content, exercises, and practices. This is a customized program, so it will depend in part on what (6) goals we set for the program and your schedule.


S.M.A.R.T. goals are goals that meet these criteria; they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. We will set (6) goals for the program. We cocreate the outline; then I design the program. It will serve as a roadmap and guide for your goal attainment. 

What do we talk about on the coaching calls?

Our coaching calls will give you an opportunity to discuss the previous week’s module; reviewing what came up for you, where you might have been stuck, and celebrate your progress. We also review the upcoming week’s module and I answer any questions you may have as you gear up for the upcoming week.

How are the coaching calls conducted?

The coaching calls are conducted over Zoom. You will receive a reminder email with a Zoom invite 48 hours before our scheduled call. Calls must be rescheduled 48 hours in advance to avoid forfeiting that coaching session for the week. 

Is there a payment plan for the Reclaim Program?

Yes, there are (3) payment plans are offered

What if I can’t make all three coaching calls in a month?

Coaching calls must be booked within the current month. They will not roll forward. The coaching calls are a big part of The Reclaim Program and they insure you get the biggest results from the program. If your schedule will not permit (3) coaching calls a week per month, click here to learn more about The Renew Program and The Reset Program which offer more flexibility.

Can I reach out for additional support?

Yes! I offer supplemental coaching sessions which can be booked here.

How long will I have access to the private client portal?

You will have access to the private client portal for the duration of the program (6-months). This portal is updated monthly and exclusive to clients in the Reclaim Program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Become the best version of yourself!

More energy

Better sleep

Healthy food choices

Consistent exercise routine

sustainable balance

Calm, clarity and confidence

Healthy boundaries

Manageable stress

Empowered choices

Feeling good in your body


Supportive self-care practices

Growth mindset

Financial wellness

It's time to Reclaim Your Health

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