Your Wellness

1 Month SElf-guided program

An evergreen, self-guided program designed to up-level your health by bringing mind, body and soul in balance for optimal wellness.

Do you feel overwhelmed with the "busy-ness" of life?

Do you experience anxiety and stress making even simple tasks feel overwhelming?

Do you suffer from lack of sleep resulting in mental fog and low energy?

Have you tried multiple diets with no measurable weight loss, or results?

Imagine having sustainable long-term solutions that empower and transform every area of your life.

Imagine having a clearly outlined plan with action steps that you can refer to for guidance and inspiration.

Are you ready to reset with nutrition, fitness, mindset, goal setting, spiritual practices, relationships, and financial health?

Sound Too good to be true? I've got more for you.

The Reset Program is designed to give you best practices, tools, resources & guidance to Reset your Health on your own time.

Plant-based Mediterranean inspired diet recommendations 

A Holistic fitness program for you to follow

Tips to experience restorative sleep

Morning and evening self-care rituals

Meditation and breathwork practices

Journal prompts to align purpose, passion and profession

This program includes...

Each week you will be offered a theme, intention, mantra, and book recommendation. You will also be given clear action steps with supported resources and activities that will nourish and elevate your body, mind and soul.

It’s time to build sustainable, long-term solutions that will empower you and bring a sense of purpose to your life

Certified Integrative Health Coach

Hi, I'm Ashley! I empower women to move beyond limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors to thrive in work and life by bringing the mind, body and soul in balance for better health and optimal wellness.

I know first-hand how a steadfast commitment to self can transform your health, wellness and life for the better. I also know that not everyone has the time or budget to work 1:1 with a coach, which is why I created The Reset Program.

Meet your coach

Get ready to go from overwhelmed to capable, tired to energized & stressed to vibrant.

Feel empowered to make healthy choices that support nutrition, fitness, sleep, spiritual practices, relationships, purpose and finances. 

Have more energy, mental clarity and calm in order to make decisions with confidence and with ease.

After this program, you will...

Make choices that support how you want look, feel and show up each day as your best most vibrant self.

Have no more guessing or wondering about what to eat, or how to workout in order to feel and look your best.

This holistic program eliminates confusion by giving you a roadmap to be the healthiest, happiest most radiant version of yourself in every corner of your life

"I have more energy for my family and more focus and productivity at work. "


A peek inside the Reset Program

week one

week two

week three

week four


Cultivate oneness with your higher self by using the journal prompts to reflect on your spiritual views & apply with practice.


Create goals that support how you want to look, feel and show up each day by setting SMART goals.


Introduction to the mediterranean diet. Learn about the benefits, what to look for in the store & get a suggested meal plan


Week One

Do the Meditation and breathwork practices daily to open your perspective and connect to Spirit.


Use the worksheets and practices on assessing your mindset to shift into a positive, growth-oriented mindset.


Give your body holistic movement every day by learning about the positive effects regular exercise has on your body & tracking.


Week Two

Explore manifestation deeper through journaling and worksheets to develop a deeper relationship with yourself.


Become mindful and intentional about how you spend your time through worksheets and guides to help you plan better.


Learn about the benefits of restorative sleep and start to apply the action steps to give your body consistent, restorative sleep.


Week Three

Tie in your favorite practices you've been doing since the beginning and revisit any you might not have stuck with.


Take the career satisfaction quiz and get clear about your future. You'll also learn best practices for financial wellness. 


Implement self-care practices and develop morning and night routines. You'll also revisit practices you started in the first weeks.


Week Four

Are you ready?

4-week, self-guided, self-paced program – 120-plus pages!

Each week there are three (3) modules that cover mind, body and soul

 Each week (3) modules (mind, body, soul) have a theme, intention, mantra, book recommendations, resources, exercises and clear action steps

12 areas of growth are covered

Who is the Reset Program best for? 

The Reset Program is for the busy female entrepreneur or business executive who is a self-starter, self-motivated and action oriented. She is ready for a clear, evergreen plan to up-level her health and wellness. She wants a plan with clear action steps that she can refer to for guidance and inspiration. Once she has a plan, she will follow it and prioritize the practices. She is looking for flexibility and clarity. She wants to cultivate healthier habits to up-level her life. She wants a reset with nutrition, fitness, mindset, goal setting, spiritual practices, relationships, and financial health. 

How will I get the program? 

Upon purchase ($495), you will receive an email with a link to download the program in its entirety.

What is the difference between this and the Renew Program and the Reclaim Program?

The Reset Program is a self-guided program. You can flow through it at your own pace. This is your material to go through as you feel best. Click here to learn more about the Reclaim Program and The Renew Program.

How long with the program take me?

Since the Reset Program is self-paced you can take as long as you need to go through it. Some modules may take you a bit longer than other modules. Or you may space them out equally. It’s up to you!

Can I reach out for support? 

Yes! I offer supplemental coaching calls which you can be book here.

If I book a supplemental coaching session, how are the coaching calls conducted?

The coaching sessions are conducted over Zoom. You will receive a reminder email with a Zoom invite 48 hours before our scheduled call. Sessions must be rescheduled 48 hours in advance to avoid forfeiting that coaching call. 

Is there a payment plan for the Renew Program?

There are no payment plans for the Renew Program. 

Will I have access to the client portal?

No, the private client portal is reserved for clients enrolled in the Reclaim Program. Click here to learn more about the Reclaim Program.

Frequently Asked Questions