5 Signs It’s Time To Work With An Integrative Health and Well-Being Coach

Have you tried and failed too many times to count and still haven’t done the thing?

What’s your thing. . .weight loss, job change, exercise routine, meditation practice, time management, better sleep, stress management, work-life balance, relationships, clutter, fulfillment. . .?

You’re so not alone. We each have something we’re working towards it’s just that some of us get there a little quicker than others. And that’s okay. It’s also okay to ask for help when you need it along the way. The key is to know the best time to reach out and get support. I’m going to tell you how you’ll know when it’s time.

5 signs it’s time to work with an integrative health and well-being coach:

Sign #1. . .You have noticed history repeating itself (yep, it’s frustration knocking).

Sign #2. . .Strategies that used to work for you no longer do (hello bewilderment, WTF!).

Sign #3. . .Your life has gotten so hectic and busy that you can’t find the time to prioritize your goals (oh hey, overwhelm!).

Sign #4. . .It’s the 5th method, strategy, book, podcast, Ted Talk and NOTHING seems to work (Oof, I’m simply exhausted.).

Sign #5. . .There is a pervasive feeling that something is about to BLOW and you don’t know what, how, where, or when (Help, I’m on the brink!).

The simple answer is YOU know when YOU know. You begin feeling frustrated, bewildered, overwhelmed, exhausted, and on the brink of falling off the proverbial cliff. There is no amount of tag lines, Instagram posts or sales pitches that will make the decision for you. When you’re ready to invest in yourself – in your mental well-being, in your physical health, in your spiritual journey – you will find the time and you will find the funds to make it happen. Period.

When you FINALLY say “enough is enough, I deserve better” you are ready to embark on the magical, hard, amazing and messy journey of transformation. As you dial into the area of your health, even life, that needs your attention most. You begin to shift out of a fixed mindset and into a growth oriented one. You start taking action. You make friends with progress. You observe your life slowly beginning to transform which creates space for you to dial into the next area, and the next and so forth.

Consider. . .

Where are imbalances manifesting in your life? Where are you today, at this moment, and where do you want to be tomorrow, next week, next year? Are you ready to bridge the gap? Are you tired of feeling bloated, tired, anxious, lonely, directionless, insecure, and unsure of yourself and your relationships? When is enough, enough? When you’ve had enough, it’s time to partner with a coach.

Are you ready to take your health and well-being to the next level and experience the transformational process of integrative health and well-being coaching? Book a free discovery call and learn how we can work together so you create a healthy, happy life your inspired to live. You deserve to feel your best.

Ashley Logan is a Certified Integrative Health and Well-Being Coach, mentor, writer and workshop facilitator who guides clients to create actionable strategies that support their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness for optimal health. She is a certified RYT-200 hour yoga instructor and double-certified Integrative Health and Well-Being Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Duke Health Integrative Medicine. She embraces her clients' individuality and customizes her coaching modalities to maximize results. She specializes in sustainable behavioral change.


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