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5 Reasons Why Accountability Is Important For Achieving Your Goals


Why is accountability so important?
As a holistic health coach, I hold you accountable to the changes you want to create in your life.
So often, when women seek me out for coaching, they struggle with consistency, commitment and self-sabotage. Having a coach by your side while you are implementing new habits, and behaviors is a game changer.

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6 Gratitude Practices For Your Health And Wellness

Mental Well-Being

Practicing gratitude is like anything else, it takes time, consistency and commitment to reap the full benefits. It’s like building muscles at the gym.

You’ve got to show up and do weight bearing activities to activate and strengthen your muscles. The results build over time. Meditation is another example. It takes practice to master the power of thought awareness and stillness. Yet, with regularity it gets easier and more intuitive.

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28 Health Benefits of Yoga for Mind, Body and Soul

Physical Wellness

Do you want more energy, better sleep, a boosted mood, and radiant glow?

Of all the exercises available, I believe yoga is the most customizable, versatile, and health friendly. Yoga can give you more energy, better sleep, an improved mood and a radiant glow among many other benefits. Yoga, as a practice, is a fluid flow that both grounds and expands.

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Seven Chakras


Learning about chakras, cultivating awareness around them and adding harmonizing rituals can shift you into a more balanced state that supports your overall health and wellness.

Awareness is the first step to bringing your chakras back in balance. Your energetic body, like your physical body, is in constant flux between balance and imbalance.

Self-awareness will help you detect imbalances, and make supportive changes. This energy work is a daily practice, a journey. Not a destination. Tuning into your mind-body on a daily basis is the key to keeping your chakras balanced and in flow.

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10 Benefits of Working with a

8 Reasons Why Finding your Purpose is Good for Your Health and Wellness

8 Simple Ways to Crush Your Professional Goals


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